Business Line

Our business lines consist of trading commodities, electronic tender, auction, storage tank services and logistics .The plantation area under the auspices of Nusantara Plantation Holding Company are spread in the island of Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Papua.

  • Commodity Trading
  • We conduct trading commodity activities to create new markets and provide commodities by purchasing from trusted suppliers and traceable resources. The Commodities consist of CPO, Tea and Sugar.

  • E-Tender & Auction
  • An internet based system that manages the process of selling plantation commodities electronically that can be assessed through http://www.kpbn.co.id/e-tender. Sales are conducted at a predetermined time & place, carried out openly with registered participants/buyer. Bids are made verbally (open outcry system). The commodities of E-Tender of CPO, PKM,PK, Rubber, Molasses. For Auction is specificly used for tea commodity.

  • Storage Tank Rental
  • We provide storage tank services located in our Units in Belawan and Dumai. The storage tank is used to store CPO products.

  • Logistics Services
  • Through partnership with local transportation providers, KPBN commited to provide integrated liquid or dry cargo distribution services and serve appropriately as well as maintain good quality. With professional team, we can serve customers with competitive and flexible costs according to needs.


Jl. Taman Cut Mutiah No. 11, Jakarta 10330, Indonesia

Jl. Datuk Laksamana, Komplek Pelabuhan Pelindo, Buluh Kasap, Dumai Timur, Dumai, Riau

JL. Ujung Baru, Belawan I, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20411